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MARA Registration – Why is it important?

When applying for a visa to Australia, chances are you will need assistance and guidance. You may end up making mistakes on your application even after intensive research on the internet.
MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority. They are a sub-office of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. A full list of their functions can be found under Section 316 of the Migration Act (1958)  

MARA is an industry regulatory body which ensures that fair and honest legal advice is being given to consumers looking for migration related information/ assistance. They do this by certifying suitable individuals and maintain their names on an active register.

These registered agents are skilled and accredited individuals who:

1. Need to maintain up-to-date knowledge about migration law.

2. Meet professional standards when offering legal advice.

3. Follow the code of conduct set out by the Australian government.

Thereby ensuring the advice you receive is honest, reliable and legal.

As set out by the law, a MARA agent must follow the code as below:

1. Always be honest about your chances of securing a visa.
2. Keep you informed on the progress of your application and any foreseeable changes that might affect your application.
3. Be contactable during business hours and maintain your privacy.
4. Provide you with a contract/ written agreement before commencing work on your application. The contract would typically include general terms and conditions, estimated legal costs, government fees etc.
5. Provide you with an invoice upon receipt of every payment.
6. Relay all communication by the DBIP to you.

ALWAYS check if your agent is MARA registered or not. Before engaging anyone, simply ask for their MARA registration number and check their accreditation by clicking on THIS LINK.

Path Migration’s principal lawyer is Mr. Bhavesh Lakhani. His MARA number is 1001189


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NOTE: The information provided in this blog can not be construed as “legal advice”. You should not act based on the information provided here without consulting a registered MARA agent. Migration law is complex and changes very frequently, while we ensure our content is accurate, we can not vouch for how concurrent it is. To clarify any of your doubts call us on +61 2 8815 8135



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